Everybody knows, it's dangerous to climb an unsupported ladder. Australian startup Balco Lifestyle is trying to make things at least a little bit safer, however, with its currently-crowdfunding Step Smart – it's a device that lets you know when the ladder is starting to lose stability.

You start by using the Step Smart's telescoping bracket to attach it to the bottom of the ladder, so it sits parallel to the rungs. Using its integrated electronic level, you then make sure that the ladder isn't leaning to one side, or that it isn't placed at too steep of an angle. An LED display guides you in the process.

Once you climb up the ladder and start moving around, it's possible that it may start leaning sideways or backward with you – this is particularly likely if it's sitting on soft ground. Should this happen, the Step Smart's sensors will detect it, and sound an alarm to let you know. The idea is that in this way, you'll know to stop leaning before it causes the ladder to fall over.

One charge of the aluminum-bodied device's battery should be good for about 70 hours of use.

The Step Smart is presently on Kickstarter, where a pledge of AUD$55 (about US$44) is required to get one. If it reaches production, delivery is estimated for next February.

Source: Kickstarter