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Stir-stick-sparing Stircle spins up your coffee

Stir-stick-sparing Stircle spi...
The Stircle, doing its thing
The Stircle, doing its thing
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The Stircle, doing its thing
The Stircle, doing its thing

Chances are, you probably don't use many stir sticks at home. Coffee shops, however, go through a great deal of the things on a daily basis. Inventor Scott Amron didn't like the thought of all that plastic and/or wood being thrown away, so he created the Stircle.

The device can be placed on any surface, or (as seen here) sunk into a hole cut into a countertop. Users just place their unstirred beverage on it, and the Stircle automatically spins it in one direction and then the other, thoroughly mixing its contents.

Amron – who previously brought us dissolving fruit-washing labels – claims that not only is his invention less wasteful than using stir sticks, but in the long run is also more economical for coffee shops to use. "A Stircle should stir 50,000 cups on about $0.10 of electricity," he tells us.

If you're interested in getting one, it can be ordered for US$345 via the link below. The Stircle can be seen in coffee-stirring action, in the following video.

Source: Amron Experimental

The Starbucks Stircle ?

Coffee does not need to be stirred anyway. Simply put the dry ingredients in the bottom of the cup, then add coffee. Convection stirs the volume.
Lamar Havard
Great! Anything to save the trees and the Earth from plastic waste is a step in the right direction. But also bad news for stir-stick producers...
Suggestion: Cut a vertical slot into it so that a coffee cup with a handle can fit into it too. I won't affect the operation of other containers. You're welcome. :-)