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Stock Trading Mobile Phone and Bluetooth Remote Wristwatch

Stock Trading Mobile Phone and Bluetooth Remote Wristwatch
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April 1, 2008 Sharp’s 920SH mobile phone with its swiveling 3.2-inch VGA screen launched in October in Japan and is eagerly awaited everywhere else. Adding further to the anticipation are two new innovations launched this week. The first is the Kabu Keitai 920SH YK, a specialized black version that enables real-time portfolio checking and online trading. The other is a Citizen iVIRT-M watch that pairs to the 920SH via Bluetooth, so incoming calls, mail, and news are available without fishing out the phone. You can take, reject or divert calls from the watch, use it as a remote camera shutter, and with 1000 address book entries, the contact details of your caller will almost always be posted on the screen.

The Citizen iVIRT-M is available in a four colors, a colour LCD display, a phone battery meter, caller ID support, signal display, call history list, and an email viewer.

The Kabu Keitai 920SH will no doubt be eagerly sought by stock traders as it frees them from a PC for the first time. The W-CDMA + GSM phone is available from Softbank Mobile and trading is done via SBI E-Trade Securities, though even without the trading function, the 920SH with its large swiveling 3.2 inch LCD on a slim (just 18 mm) body is a winner, offering a 3.2 megapixel autofocus camera, 1-seg tuner, contactless IC card, microSD card memory, and web browser.

The phone features a 3.2" widescreen VGA LCD enabling you to enjoy One Seg in a 16:9 widescreen aspect ratio.

View gallery - 9 images
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