The Stow-Away lens cap holder is a DSLR accessory which addresses the problem of what to do with your lens cap while taking photos. While the majority of photographers simply slip their lens cap into their pocket, others (nudist photographers perhaps?) apparently need an alternative. The Stow-Away lens cap holder attaches under your camera and gives you somewhere to stow your lens cap.

Following on from the Camera Lens Cap Holder, which gained its Kickstarter funding for a device that allows you to hold your lens cap on your camera strap, the Stow-Away is also vying for crowd funding. This one works by screwing into the standard tripod mount under your camera with a thumb screw, and allows users to store a variety of different sized lens caps.

Once screwed into place, the stepped ridges under the Stow-Away means photographers can click lens caps into place and there's a spot for caps sized 52 mm, 55 mm, 58 mm, 62 mm, 67 mm, and 72 mm. Lens caps are attached by simply squeezing them into the right-sized ridge, just like attaching one to the front of a lens, and it works with most makes of lens cap.

Makers say this is better than other products because lens caps are held in a convenient position under your camera, rather than on a strap, and it does not obstruct you in the way that attaching your lens cap with a string can. It's also claimed the Stow-Away allows users to focus solely on their photography rather than worrying about their lens cap … not that we've ever worried about them unduly.

The Stow-Away is to be made from injection molded plastic and features a thin layer of cork to cushion it on the bottom of your camera. Creator, Preston Turk, from Boston, says he's used a prototype on his recent photo shoots and claims it makes shooting easier because he doesn't have to wonder about where to put his lens cap, or remember where he put it.

A Kickstarter pledge of US$14 or more will get you one standard black Stow-Away lens cap holder, while a pledge of $20 will get you a special green Kickstarter version. Both options are expected to ship in December 2012. Just remember you won't be able to use a tripod at the same time.

Here's a quick video of Preston Turk demonstrating his Stow-Away lens cap holder.

Source: Kickstarter

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