December 6, 2007 Portabilty, comfort, performance and strength - these are the key factors that come into consideration when delving into the world of folding bicycles. Using a unique design described as the "first completely new bicycle geometry in 95 years", the STRIDA folding bicycle appears to deliver on all counts. The STRIDA consists of a light-weight aluminum triangular frame that folds into a compact, stowable form in just six seconds with power transfer to the rear wheels via a silent, clean Kevlar belt, meaning low maintenance and no grease on your business attire when you arrive at the office.

Built for short daily commutes, the STRIDA utilizes an upright seating position and horizontally mounted handlebars to give the rider a good vantage point in traffic. Gizmag's Mike Hanlon recently took the foldable bike for a spin in Paris: "The 16” wheels and seating configuration make for a surprisingly smooth and comfortable ride and the bike handles well enough for a short commute with the disc brakes providing ample stopping power - but the standout feature is definitely the speed in which the bike can be collapsed and stowed in its compact carry bag... it's all over in a matter of seconds".

The hand-built STRIDA is the brainchild of English designer and engineer Mark Sanders who spent sixteen years refining the design. Two models are available - the 22lbs (10kg) "3.2" and the 19.4lbs (9kg) "5.0", the latter featuring disc brakes and alloy rims and hubs. The bikes cost USD$499 and USD$799 respectively - visit STRIDA for more info.

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