Greenwich, New York-based Cubist Engineering has designed a really interesting towable tiny house. Named the Sturgis, it measures just 21 ft (6.4 m)-long, but seems more spacious inside thanks to not having a standard bedroom – instead, when it's time to hit the sack, a bed is lowered down from the ceiling at the flick of a switch.

The Sturgis comprises a CLT (cross-laminated timber) structure, Shou Sugi Ban (the Japanese method of charring to preserve wood) cypress siding, and a fiberglass roof. It also has an outdoor shower and optional deck, plus a roof deck is an option, too.

A total floorspace of just 170 sq ft (15.8 sq m) is available. The living room includes a modular sofa, cabinetry, and coffee table. A kitchenette with butcher block countertop, two-burner induction stove, and under-counter fridge and freezer is to one side. Further into the home lies a small bathroom with shower and toilet.

There are no lofts in the Sturgis but flicking a switch lowers down a queen-size bed from the ceiling to a comfortable height so the resident can get in. It's supported on a steel frame wrapped in maple and sounds very solid: Cubist Engineering told us that it rides up and down on the same bearing and railing system used to load fuel rods in nuclear plants.

If you're wondering why a Murphy-style drop-down bed instead wasn't installed instead, the firm says it would take up quite a bit more space – plus, let's be honest, a Murphy bed isn't as cool.

Another feature of the Sturgis is a slightly raised space next to the living room. This is called the "Bonus Space" and, while it seems to be used as a reading nook in the photos, it can also be outfitted to store a motorbike, serve as a utility area, or even a climate-controlled wine cellar, and more. The room can be accessed from the outside with a neat remote-controlled gull-wing door.

The Sturgis gets power from a standard RV-style hookup but solar panels are an option. Other optional tech goodies include a security package with cameras and motion sensors, a remote management package with smartphone-controlled lighting, etc, plus a rainwater collection system.

The Sturgis starts at US$99,000, depending on options. The firm also offers other models of the Sturgis suitable for retail and other uses. Check out the video below to see that motorized bed in operation.

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