Subaru has unveiled its new Impreza 5-Door Concept. Focussing on the design features of the next-generation Impreza, rather than the drive-train or tech, it has a compact, streamlined and sculptural look aimed at reinforcing the Impreza's sporty reputation.

Described by Gizmag's eyes-on-the-ground team as "looking pretty sharp in the metal," the 5-Door Concept measures 4,400 x 1,880 x 1,440 mm (173.2 x 74 x 56.7 in) and has the solid, wide and low stance on the road enhanced by flared front fenders. There are hawk-eye headlights and combination lights at the rear that share the same motif. A high-luminance silver finish, meanwhile, is aimed at giving the lustrous sense of metal.

Further details are very limited, other than Subaru's assurance of "excellent aerodynamics." In an interesting aside, the company made a promise during the press conference that it will have a car that can drive autonomously on the motorway by 2020.

The Subaru Impreza 5-Door Concept is on display at the Tokyo Motor Show.

Source: Subaru

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