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Suicide Bomber Detection Unit

Suicide Bomber Detection Unit
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June 14, 2006 Suicide attacks have been a common tactic since armed conflict began, as has been the practice of targeting civilians rather than military personnel. But technology has now created a far more effective set of tools which enable one person, as a suicide bomber, to wreak enormous physical, psychological and financial carnage on the population. Attacks on civilians by terrorists increased 35% in 2005, with bombings increasingly conducted in highly populated areas at a time likely to cause the most injury and hence to heighten feelings of vulnerability in the population. Emanating almost exclusively from societies where bombers are seen as cultural heroes, there is every likelihood that suicide bombing will be increasingly seen as the most effective tactic possible by the aggrieved and/or repressed. So the new Sago ST 150 could well be seen as the right product at the right time as it is specifically designed to detect suicide bombs carried on people. The patented imager is radiation-free, portable, and produces high-quality imagery revealing the exact location of the weapon and its size. The ST150 "sees" through clothing providing real-time information critical in preventing terrorist attacks.

The ST150 is a stand-alone passive millimeter-wave imager designed for outdoor perimeter and check-point security. The unit can be camouflaged to provide covert screening at a distance or it can be located at a checkpoint. Security personnel can be situated at a safe distance immediately viewing the images from a command center over a standard wi-fi interface to a laptop computer. The systems have been tested and evaluated by the US and foreign governments and can be enhancedwith the option of infrared fusion.

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