A simple, versatile light powered by the sun, the Chilean-born Suli brings light to everyone from outdoor lovers to those living off the electrical grid. It meets that diversity of needs by screwing onto a bottle to create a simple lamp, mounting to a bicycle to serve as a safety light, hanging from a backpack, suctioning to a window and more.

There are plenty of compact, solar-powered lights, lamps and lanterns out there at this point, the LuminAID inflatable lantern and the Waka Waka Light among them. A company has to do more than just slap a solar panel on a compact light to make an impression, like power its light with gravity or salt water.

Suli Labs sticks with good, old-fashioned solar, but it packages it inside an ecosystem that's much more versatile than others. Out of the box, the light disc offers up to 25 lumens and up to 60 hours of runtime through five modes. Power to the light is supplied by three AAA batteries recharged via the solar panel on the back. Suli Labs estimates 6 to 12 hours for charging under the sun.

The Suli gets a bit more interesting when you find out it has a threaded bottle mount that screws onto a common plastic bottle to create a lantern. Still, that just puts it on par with other solar bottle lanterns, like the Lightie and Sollight Lightcap.

Where the Suli really develops a personality all its own is in the accompanying lineup of 3D-printed accessories. The basic ring secures to the outside of the light, allowing you to strap it to a backpack, hang it up and otherwise get creative with how you position it. Suli Labs also offers a bike mount to fit the light to your handlebars, a suction mount to stick it to a window, and a transparent stake to light up the garden, yard or other soft ground.

Suli Labs held a successful Indiegogo campaign a year ago. It is currently offering the Suli light online for a discounted preorder price of US$31.49 (regular price $36.99) and lists delivery date of late July. The various accessories are available for prices under $15.

Part of Suli Lab's business plan is to work with the open source community to develop additional accessories and uses for its light, so it also offers a free DIY 3D printing file.

The video shows the Suli being put to its multiple uses.

Source: Suli Labs (Spanish)

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