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SuperSmoker electronic cigarette launched in UK

SuperSmoker electronic cigaret...
SuperSmoker electronic cigarette
SuperSmoker electronic cigarette
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SuperSmoker electronic cigarette
SuperSmoker electronic cigarette

May 26, 2008 SuperSmoker is an electronic alternative to cigarettes promoted as offering a healthier and cheaper way for smokers to continue their habit as well as beat increasingly strict public smoking bans.

At first glance SuperSmoker looks like a cigarette and it provides a hit of nicotine, but that's pretty much where the similarity ends. It contains no tobacco, does not burn and emits and no real smoke, instead it consists of a vaporization chamber and a disposable cartridge containing a liquid made up of a concoction of food products which create a tobacco like flavor. This liquid is automatically vaporized when the user inhales and appears as traditional cigarette smoke without the same odor (though it does emit the aroma of the tobacco) and without causing the same danger to those around you through passive smoking.

The nicotine dose is smaller than that in regular cigarettes and each replaceable cartridge is equivalent to approximately 15-20 conventional cigarettes. The cartridges are also available in different strengths (normal, medium, light and zero).

The device uses works on rechargeable batteries which last for around a day under normal use. An LED at the tip of the device blinks when the battery is empty.

According to the manufacturers the SuperSmoker can be legally used in restaurants, clubs, bars and other public areas covered by smoking bans. It's not promoted as an aid for smokers who want to quit (which is of course by far the best option for any smoker) and although the device is sold as a "healthier" alternative to regular smoking, it still delivers an addictive substance in the form of nicotine. On this point there is an in-built electronic security system which shuts the device down for 30 seconds after 15 inhalations to reduce the amount of nicotine that can be taken in over a short period.

SuperSmoker is available for £79 (around USD$155 at the time of publication) and a pack of six refills (complete with 12 spare filters) retails for £7.95 (USD$16).

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