When it comes to hanging things on a wall in a straight line, a laser level can go a long way towards making that easier to accomplish. A new device called Sure Hang aims to make the laser level even more useful by allowing it to integrate directly with a tape measure for hanging things up at a perfect interval along a level, straight line.

What makes this device stand out from the wide range of other laser levels out there on the market is the base. Users attach the base to their wall with 3M Command Strips so it can be removed easily when they are done. To prevent users from accidentally attaching the base to the wall, there are stand offs that keep the adhesive strips off the wall until users actually push down.

Users make sure the base is level using a standard torpedo level, then they place the laser level in the base. From there, the laser portion of the level features four self-leveling lasers that go left, right, up, and down relative to the base. Users can control the amount of lasers that are powered. One click of the button powers the horizontal lasers, two clicks powers the vertical lasers, three clicks turns on all four, and four clicks turns everything off.

In each direction, there are magnetized notches that allow users to affix a tape measure without someone else needing to hold it in place. It also allows them to mark off spots in perfectly even amounts, which will come in handy for hanging shelves, pictures, or anything else. The included tape measure features both imperial and metric measurements.

Sure Hang, which is also the name of the company, is seeking funding on Kickstarter. Backers interested in ordering a full kit that contains two bases, a tape measure, a stud finder, and a laser level can do so for a minimum pledge of US$90. The team intends to ship devices to backers in April 2016.

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