An entry in the 2008 Create the Future Design Contest, SUSHI is an ergonomic furniture design that aims to produce an easier life for consumers in the future. Created by an RMIT university student from Australia, Winaya Suwarnaga Kamaputri, SUSHI doubles as both a sofa and a stool.

An entry in the 2008 Create the Future Design Contest, the SUSHI offers the freedom to use it for a variety of functions, acting comfortably as a sofa, a stool or even a bookshelf (though it's unlikely to cater for your entire library).

The elegantly simple design is made from a high gloss finished fiber glass base with fine fabric upholstery and its unique pattern was created using a laser cutting technique. The creator says SUSHI is designed to fit “modern and futuristic home design interiors” for adults as well as children.

It turns out that another home-decor product, this one from German design firm, Sternform also goes under the name Sushi, however the German namesake is a vessel for plants rather than people. Made out of hand-shaped Eternit, Sushi is absolutely water- and frost-proof and can be used outdoors all around the year.

Emily Clark

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