In an inspired publicity stunt, Sweden has listed its entire country on Airbnb, advertising the fact that all public land in the country is freely accessible to anyone. The Airbnb listing initially highlights nine specific locations that travelers can visit. Each listing costs nothing, contains "unlimited" beds, "open-plan" room types and "real air-conditioning".

The idea behind the ironic collaboration between the country's tourism authority and Airbnb was to highlight Sweden's proud constitutional guarantee known as "allemansrätten", or the Right of Public Access. This right allows all those living in or visiting the country to roam anywhere they wish on public land, as long as they are not disturbing or damaging the environment.

The Airbnb listing video humorously highlights the inviting nature of the country, showing a lush forest with the amusing description of it being the "bathroom" designed in a "Swedish minimalistic style". There are also specific location listings describing amenities such as wild berries being "snacks" and great lakes as "infinity pools".

The clever collaboration between Sweden and Airbnb demonstrates the potential to promote the assets of a country using a digital resource many have become familiar with over recent years.

Take a look at the Airbnb Sweden video below.

Source: Visit Sweden

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