Swiss company misC sport & leisure has designed a lighter, simpler version of its SwissRoomBox camper-in-a-box system. The RoomBox EasyTech is designed to transform a station wagon or van into a functional camper within just five minutes. Its series of panels, attachments and hardware creates sleeping, cooking, eating and showering space, even in smaller cars.

In an effort to bring down the CHF7,800 (US$8,350) price tag of the original RoomBox "HighTech," the Swiss company stripped the concept down to its most basic components. The EasyTech is an à la carte system that lets the buyer choose to use their own existing camping equipment, such as stoves and showers, or purchase it as an all-inclusive package, more like the HighTech.

The entry level CHF4,000 ($4,275) EasyTech one-star model includes only the basic sleeping and table structure. The tool-free system is designed to be quicker to set-up than the HighTech, taking only about 5 to 10 minutes. It uses a new adjustment system that allows it to fit inside of both smaller and larger cars.

The EasyTech one-star measures in at 38.5 x 30 x 16 in (98 x 77 x 41 cm) and weighs 132 lb (60 kg). It travels in the form of a two-sided chest and appears to be about half the size of the HighTech, which has a total of four compartments. One of those sides houses the sink, and the other the stove, with room for other gear.

The package comes to the life with the help of a series of panels. Two large panels and two smaller extenders create a table for up to four diners. Those panels and extenders then flip to the top of the chest to create a bed for two, with the help of additional hardware. Telescoping table and bed legs adjust to properly support each structure. The components can also snap together in other configurations for activities like showering.

The one-star model is good for those that have their own camping stoves, sinks, showers, etc. Other EasyTech models build upon the basic one-star framework, adding some of those components. The CHF5,800 ($6,200) two-star model adds a dual-burner stove, sink, shower, fresh and waste water tanks, and all necessary hardware and connections. The three- and four-star models add additional hardware, such as hot water heaters.

For those that need more sleeping space, the CHF2,600 ($2,780) clam-shell roof tent pictured up top sleeps two adults or up to three children. Suddenly your crossover is a fully functional camper for a family of four or five.

We like that the SwissRoomBox concept was broken down into an à la carte version, giving people that already own their own camping gear the chance to save money on redundant gear. Because it's simpler, we also think the EasyTech looks a little more durable than the original. That said, even at the lowest, one-star price point, it's still significantly more expensive than competitors like the QUQUQ.

The EasyTech launched in Europe last fall. We imagine some of the first adopters are driving it around the Alps as we type.

Source: SwissRoomBox

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