May 22, 2009 Start with a Porsche, throw away all the bits and reengineer or replace everything, then slot in an 858 bhp twin turbo engine – that's the Swiss-made Sportec SPR1. It's one of the few production cars in the world capable of more than 380 km/h. Using exotic materials of all kinds, weight has been pared down to just 1345 kg, enabling the beastie to hit 100kmh in three seconds and 200 kmh in 8.7 seconds. The electrically adjustable chassis adapts itself to any requirements at the push of a button and those massive, ultra-light forged rims enable gigantic brakes capable of stopping from 100 km/h in just 36 metres More than half of Sportec’s limited SPR1 production run has already been sold and the UKP600,000 car will be seen outside Switzerland for the first time at the hyper exclusive Salon Privé at London's Hurlingham Club in July so prospective British customers can appreciate it in the flesh.

Boasting over 850bhp from its twin turbo power plant, the four wheel drive SPR1 has been clocked at over 235mph at the Nardo high speed circuit in Italy and it's ability to adapt apparently sees it as quite gentle, compliant and easy-to-drive around town as it is rigid and roadholding at speed on the Autobahn.

While the car's Porsche heritage is obvious from the shape, very little of the original remains. One of the advantages of the complete rebuild is the customisation available – almost any design, functionality, trim or feature is available and specially trained consultants are available to assist and advise in selecting one's choice guaranteeing the highest degree of exclusiveness.

Based at the Hurlingham Club, Salon Privé features the cream of classic and contemporary high performance cars, running from the 22nd-24th July 2009.

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