If you’re an Olympic-level triathlete, then chances are that you’re going to buy yourself a dedicated triathlon bike. Should you be someone who does the occasional triathlon more just for fun, however, then you might not want to shell out the thousands of dollars required for such a machine. That’s where the Switch Aero System comes in – it lets your existing road bike double as a triathlon bike.

There are two parts to the system: a set of aero bars, and a dual-position seatpost.

While there are already plenty of bolt-on aero bars available, the Switch Aero bars are somewhat unique in that they attach or detach within seconds via a quick release mechanism. This means you can leave them off when going on regular road rides, but pop them on when training for or participating in a triathlon.

The bar extensions and armrests are fully adjustable, with the bars available in L-bend, S-bend, and straight shapes.

The seatpost includes a spring-loaded mechanism that allows the saddle to sit back in a road-friendly orientation, or be moved forward into a more aerodynamic setting. Not only does this not require any tools, but it can actually be performed while riding. On the same ride, the saddle could be moved forward for sprints, and moved back for climbs or easier cruising.

Redshift Sports, the Philadelphia-based company that developed the system, is currently raising production funds on Kickstarter. A pledge of US$109 will get you a set of the bars or the seatpost, and $199 will get you both – when and if they reach production.

The Switch Aero System can be seen in use in the pitch video below.

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