New design proposed for T-REX three-wheel street racer

New design proposed for T-REX ...
Johnathan Côté's T-REX design proposal
Johnathan Côté's T-REX design proposal
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Johnathan Côté's T-REX design proposal
Johnathan Côté's T-REX design proposal

April 9, 2008 Young industrial designer Johnathan Côté has proposed this slick re-design for the legendary T-REX 3-wheeler, retaining an updated variation of the distinctive recessed headlights and above seat air in-takes, dropping the exposed roll-bars and adding a heavily sculpted feel to the vehicle's low-slung aerodynamic profile. With the the first prototype released in 1994, the T-REX is a pioneer in the rapidly expanding world of modern 3-wheeled transport that has now spawned such exotic gems as the Can-Am Spyder, Brudeli's Three-Wheel Leanster, TriRod's F3 Adrenaline and the upcoming ZAP Alias highway electric car.

The design has not been endorsed or commented on by the manufacturers of the T-Rex, but Côté, who works at Morelli Designers, believes that after an impressive 14 years of commercial life, the T-REX would benefit form a stylistic overhaul that still respects the 3-wheeler's DNA.

His new design also integrates several storage areas into the vehicle, blending cargo space into the vehicle’s outline and adding a small storage space and two smaller glove compartments in the front. Two windshield versions are also catered for: raised or F1 style.

Given that the proposal is purely a design concept, it's difficult to comment on anything but the aesthetics of the work (the lack of roll-bars for example, may be seen to compromise the safety of the existing design). But on that front - it looks great!

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