January 4, 2007 We've encountered a raft of exciting three-wheeled motorcycle designs in recent years including the Can-Am Spyder, Brudeli's Three-Wheel Leanster, the VentureOne plug-in hybrid and the T-REX from Campagna. More recently, scooter manufacturers have embraced the wide-track stability, braking power and cornering prowess of the two at the front/one at the rear configuration with the release of models like the Piaggio MP3. While many designs are still in prototype phase, it seems certain that the three-wheeled footprint will become an increasingly familiar site on the road with the latest example to cross our desk - the striking tandem seat F3 Adrenaline from San Diego based TriRod Motorcycles - now accepting reservations ahead of a Q2 2008 release.

Developed with the aim of creating "a radical new vehicle that would offer unparalleled performance... combining advanced technologies from Formula 1 racing, aerospace, and motorcycles", TriRod Motorcycles' A3 Adrenaline cuts a mean profile with its sleek naked design featuring black carbon fiber body panels, extensive use of chrome, fully adjustable Penske racing shocks, low profile tires and exposed F1 style suspension components.

“TriRod’s platform offers increased safety and stability over traditional motorcycles while adding a whole new level of thrilling performance”, says TriRod Motorcycles Co-founder and Chairman Robert Miller.

Power is delivered by an air-cooled, v-twin, fuel injected JIMS Twin Cam 120 cubic inch engine through a 125 Tooth, Kevlar reinforced belt drive and 6-speed transmission with 2 into 1 exhaust and a 20 inch rim with a Pirelli 325 tire at the rear. The A3 also features an optional (and practical) electric reverse drive.

The stability and rollover-resistance inherent in the 2-1 layout is boosted by the low-profile, low-center of gravity design and 60-inch track at the front.

The suspension system features double, unequal, non-parallel a-arms for maximum traction (over 1g in corners) with fully adjustable shocks mated to the a-arms through a pullrod and rocker to reduce unsprung weight and improve handling on bumpy tarmac. At the rear a high-performance motorcycle style mono-shock system attached to swing arm via a rocker and link is used. According to TriRod this design keeps the suspension soft and supple in normal conditions but firms up just before a big bottom out.

A unique purpose-built chassis using a 3-inch diameter sweeping tube as the main frame member was developed for the vehicle and 6061-T6 billet aluminum parts are used throughout (including shock bodies, rocker arms, pull rods, brake calipers and foot and hand controls) along with forged aluminum rims.

The F3 Adrenaline is the first of a planned line of tandem seat three wheel performance motorcycles which will also include a touring version known as the X-Plor™.

Orders now for TriRod Motorcycles' 2008 F3 Adrenaline ahead of a production release in the 2nd quarter of 2008. Pricing has been set at USD$54,995) for the 2008 Adrenaline model with the USD$34,995 Touring model to follow. Stay tuned to Gizmag for further specs updates as they become available.

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