• The mantra "slow is smooth, smooth is fast" carries with it the ideal that thoughtful application is superior to brute force. Hurrying means making mistakes. The 2023 Nissan Z is an embodiment of this philosophy from its inception, and it’s paid off.
  • After the unveiling of the new and much-anticipated Z from Nissan, we got the chance to spend some personal time with the car at Z Con in Colorado Springs, Colorado, where the new Z was unveiled in person to hundreds of fans.
  • Nissan has unveiled the seventh generation of the Z car, which drops the numerical prefix in the US for the first time to be simply known as the “Z.” The Nissan Z packs a twin-turbo 3.0-liter V6 and will hit US showrooms in spring.
  • The Specialty Equipment Market Association show is held in Las Vegas annually, and this year Nissan is hitting SEMA with its own one-two combos. The automaker has four performance models on display, including an all-out time attack.
  • The 2020 model year marks the fiftieth anniversary of the Z car, so Nissan has unveiled new packaging for limited-edition 50th anniversary models of the 2020 370Z. The original Datsun 240Z debuted in New York 50 years ago, promising both fun and racing. The new Z does the same.
  • Nismo didn't arrive as a genuine sub-brand for road cars until 2013, and the fabled badge has only been applied to the Juke, 370Z and GT-R since then. You can expect that to change, following a big announcement from Nissan this week.