• Science
    ​​While it may be worthwhile programming robots to paint many identical objects, the painting of smaller-run items is still done manually. That could be about to change, however. Scientists are developing a system which will allow robots to figure out how to paint individual objects.
  • Russian weapons manufacturer the Kalashnikov Group has revealed it has developed a set of fully-automated combat robots. The announcement rekindles the debate over how autonomous should we let our weapons get and should machine's be allowed to make life or death decisions.
  • Digital assistants seem to be the Next Big Thing at the moment, but they appear to be mainly stuck in the audio realm. Daptly would prefer things to be a bit more visual, so it's introducing the Daptly Display – a gesture-controlled interactive assistant and display screen.
  • Few of us these days have the time to break out the teapot and make a proper brew, so we resort to tea bags plonked in a mug of hot water. But who wants to waste energy on dunking when a machine can do it for you? That's precisely what Dorian Damon's Tea Dunker does ... rather loudly.
  • Barcodes and laser scanners may have made life easier for store cashiers, but Regi-Robo could put them out of a job. In Osaka, Japan, a Lawson convenience store demonstrated a new checkout system that scans groceries, tallies up the bill, and bags the items without human intervention.
  • The UN has considered the threat of weaponized AI, but now the body is looking at a more mundane robot invasion. A new report has outlined how the increasing use of industrial automation is impacting jobs in developing countries, and what strategies may help in overcoming the problem.
  • ​​These days there are plenty of reasons you might want become proficient at flying a drone. Maybe you want to take breathtaking photos, film extreme sports, protect wildlife, or perhaps, you simply need to change a light bulb? ​
  • Adidas is to open a second of its so-called "Speedfactories" following the success of its pilot site in Germany. Located near the US city of Atlanta, Georgia, the facility will boast high levels of automation, allowing for increased production volumes and more color, material and size options.
  • To make it easier for students to grab a slice of everyone's favorite college staple, French company Paline is installing its first Pizza ATM in the US at Xavier University in Cincinnati, Ohio. Available 24/7, the machine dispenses boxed, 12-inch pies in 3 minutes.
  • Lockheed Martin's Hybrid Airship is one beast of a heavy hauler. Naturally, maintaining a vehicle almost as long as a football field takes a lot of man hours, but the technology company has a new little helper on deck.
  • ​Imagine a pill-dispensing, health-focused version of Amazon Echo, and you'll get an idea of what Pillo is designed to be. Utilizing facial and voice recognition software, the internet-connected device can reportedly recognize multiple family members on sight.
  • Adidas has announced that it is ready to begin commercial production of footwear at a robot-staffed factory in Germany. The so-called "Speedfactory" in Ansbach will apparently allow the firm to produce more shoes, with greater precision and with new designs.