Best of 2019

New Atlas wrap up of the best of 2019

  • It's time to ponder the year that was with a look back at the science and technology stories that really piqued the interest of New Atlas readers during 2019 – from jet-powered drones to rubbery concrete to psilocybin therapy.
  • To celebrate the coming new year, we've hand-picked a selection of the most spectacular photographs of 2019. This gallery gathers our favorite images of the last twelve months, from head-spinning drone shots to psychedelic microscopic photography.
  • The cosmic beauty of space never ceases to impress. New Atlas rounds up some of the most incredible space photos of 2019, including historic firsts, stunning starscapes, gorgeous galaxies and some new angles on our own solar system.
  • Residential architecture is one of the most diverse areas we cover. Reflecting this, our selection of 2019's best houses runs the gamut from a multi-million dollar floating home to low-cost social housing.
  • The van life trend showed no signs of pulling back this year. In fact, 2019 was a pivotal year that saw camper vans growing smarter, more practical and more efficient with some impressive technological breakthroughs and design innovations.
  • Looking at today's tech, you might think “pack it in, inventing is finished.” But innovateurs and imagineers need something to do, even when the well of useful ideas is running dry. Here are the oddest and most questionable inventions of 2019.
  • Throughout 2019, we've reported on a range of tiny houses. Some are simple homes on wheels, while others boast novel ideas like sliding roofs and elevator beds. Here's our pick of the very best we've seen.
  • There are a few modes of transport you can always count on – cars, bikes, buses, trains – that sort of thing. But looking to disrupt these mainstays is a regular assortment of more imaginative options. Here are the wackiest of the 2019 crop.
  • The extreme performance car business is a brutal one, and records that take companies years to set can fall within months to a determined competitor. Here's eight new and astonishing benchmarks the car world established in 2019.
  • 2019 has been a bumper year for architecture and we've reported on many superb projects ranging in size, budget, and style. From a horizontal skyscraper to a power station with a ski slope, here's our selection of the best buildings of the year.
  • Don't wait for electric cars to get cheaper; e-bikes are here, now. They're good for you, they'll take you further than you think, and some of them are even getting surprisingly affordable. Here are the e-bikes that impressed us in 2019.
  • This year offered a little something for everybody with an interest in battery development, bringing us devices that could charge electric vehicles in 10 minutes and others that suck CO2 out of the air. Here are the biggest breakthroughs of 2019.
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