• Lighting a candle is not that difficult to do, although if you have to light a bunch of the things on a daily basis, it could be a bit of a hassle. That's where Candle Touch comes in, as it's an actual flame-and-wax candle that's lit by Bluetooth.
  • There’s no shortage of portable lighting options out there for campers or people living in developing countries. But the Lumir K lamp is aiming to be the right mix of inexpensive, safe, bright, portable and efficient, using any old cooking oil as a fuel source to light up an array of LEDs.
  • ​Free-standing candles have a tendency to dribble melted wax all over the place, while candles contained within glass jars can be difficult to light once they've burned down. The Lumos offers an alternative, in that it's a jar candle which you light simply by pressing a button.