• The SkEye Wide-Area Persistent Surveillance system offers a billion-pixel coverage of an 80 sq km area. Already operated by the military of several countries, SkEye enables many users to investigate areas of interest by zooming in and going back-in-time, all in real-time.
  • Lately we are seeing some interesting ideas around how drones can be put to work at sea, and Elbit Systems wants to be part of this conversation. Today it announced a waterproof drone based on a packable, land-based predecessor that that can be recovered and launched again within 15 minutes.​​
  • IronVision uses sensor and display technology originally developed for fighter and helicopter pilots, to provide a virtual 360º view of the battlefield to tank commanders.​
  • ​​Elbit Systems has welcomed a new addition to its lineup of small unmanned aircraft, taking the wraps off a lightweight, fixed-wing drone called the Skylark 3 that boasts a 100 km range and six-hour flight time.
  • Elbit Systems is developing a wearable head-up display for commercial pilots called Skylens. According to the company, it’s an easy-to-install to install system capable of giving pilots augmented vision that can help them navigate through fog and darkness.