Eurobike 2014

  • A2B introduced its latest creation at last month's Eurobike show. Named after the American inventor of the electromagnetic transmission, Justus B. Entz, the Entz e-bike benefits from a new, neatly integrated Continental e-drive that saves weight while promising a sharp electric-assisted ride.
  • Although Caterham is certainly best known for its race cars, last year it branched into motorcycles and e-bikes. Continuing that trend, this month the British company announced its new line of good ol’ human-powered Duo Cali bicycles.
  • Nobody likes getting rained on while cycling, yet most of us probably aren’t quite ready to shell out for an enclosed velomobile, either. That’s why Swiss company Allnew recently introduced Dryve – it’s a flexible, detachable rain cover for bikes.
  • Well, another day, and another oddball transforming bicycle from Eurobike 2014. Previously, we took a look at the telescoping lever-drive Hank from Korea’s Bygen. This time it’s the MC2, which can be set into eight different configurations.
  • Folding bicycles definitely have an advantage when it comes to easy toting and storage, although their chain presents a design challenge. Bygen has devised a solution, in the form of its Hank Direct Bike. Instead of a chain, it has levers that transfer power from the pedals to the rear wheel.
  • Haibike is showing two innovative electric bikes at this year's Eurobike show. The brand-new Haibike Xduro FullCarbon rolls the "carbon fiber construction" and "mid-engine layout" familiar in supercar design into a high-tech e-bike, while the Sduro AllMtn Pro has an intelligent suspension system.