Hybrid Air

  • ​Last October, British aerospace firm Hybrid Air Vehicles (HAV) announced that it was developing a luxury-tourism-oriented version of its otherwise-industrial Airlander 10 airship. This Wednesday, the company revealed what the interior of that aircraft's cabin will look like.
  • Just one day after successfully completing its sixth test flight, the Airlander 10 has suffered a major setback. According to reports, the world’s largest aircraft apparently broke free of its mooring mast on Saturday morning and was deflated as a safety precaution. An investigation is underway.
  • ​Airships may indeed be well-suited to tasks like cargo transport, surveying and surveillance, but what really captures peoples' imaginations is the thought of travelling aboard one as a tourist. Well, according to Britain's Hybrid Air Vehicles (HAV), such a scenario could soon be a reality.
  • Last August, the flight deck of the Airlander 10 airship was damaged during a "heavy landing" at the end of its second test flight. Now, protective airbags have been installed to keep that deck from smacking into the ground.
  • The world's largest aircraft has taken to the skies for the first time in its new guise as the Airlander 10. On Wednesday afternoon local time, the airship from Hybrid Air Vehicles (HAV) made its short maiden voyage at a UK airfield, after a technical issue grounded a previous attempt on Sunday.
  • The world's largest aircraft made its first public outing this week when Hybrid Air Vehicles​' helium-buoyant Airlander 10 airship was guided out of its hangar at RAF Cardington, Bedfordshire, UK,​ ahead of a short series of ground tests in anticipation of its first flight in Britain.
  • Citroen has never been one to follow convention in the automotive world. The French manufacturer is using the 2014 Paris Motor Show to show the world its latest innovative creations – the C4 Cactus Airflow 2L Concept.
  • Peugeot revealed its Hybrid Air technology last year and will showcase the 208 Hybrid 2L Demonstrator car at this year's Paris Motor Show. The latest iteration of Hybrid Air design complements the gasoline-air powertrain with weight- and drag-cutting measures.