Macular Degeneration

  • ​Age-related macular degeneration (AMD) is one of the leading causes of blindness in older people, with the "wet" form of the disease being responsible for about 90 percent of all cases of AMD-related severe vision loss. There may be new hope, however, in the form of an experimental eye implant.
  • An exciting breakthrough has revealed a new hypothesis behind the cause of glaucoma, a common degenerative eye disease. The study found a high number of T-cells present in the retinas of those suffering from the disease, suggesting the condition may have a previously undetected autoimmune cause.
  • Science
    ​In today’s connected world we are increasingly having blue light beamed into our eyes at all times of day.​ A new study from the University of Toledo has homed in on exactly how blue light can damage our eyes and the researchers recommend avoiding looking at cell phones and tablets in the dark.​
  • A study has found a correlation between some degenerative eye diseases and Alzheimer’s disease. No mechanism explaining the connection has been proposed but it is thought these eye conditions may help physicians identify patients at risk of developing Alzheimer’s before major symptoms appear.
  • Stem cells have been shown to do everything from regrowing skull bones to healing damaged lung tissue. They've even restored vision in rabbits. But when three adult women tried an unproven stem-cell treatment in Florida to combat vision loss from macular degeneration, they all went blind.