• ​On March 3rd, a team of engineers at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center succeeded in installing the secondary mirror onto the frame of the future James Webb Space Telescope (JWST).
  • Although mirrors are currently utilized by women everywhere, they can only show users what their makeup will look like in that one type of light. That's why simplehuman created the Wide-View Sensor Mirror. Its full-spectrum LED lighting can replicate a variety of color temperatures, on demand.​
  • A student team at Purdue University has created a mirror display featuring facial recognition technology that allows users to customize information streamed on the screen. The students had the idea to develop MirrorMirror by their need to be kept informed about their local bus schedule.
  • Polish architectural studio, Reform has plans to construct a dramatic mirrored home in the middle of a forest landscape. The exterior of the Izabelin House features a mirrored facade which gives the illusion that the upper half of the home is floating in mid air above the forest bed.
  • Although they're meant to show what's happening on the road behind you, rear-view mirrors can be obstructed by headrests, passengers and luggage. To counter this, Cadillac is planning to replace the rear-view mirror with a video feed. It estimates a 300 percent increase in field of vision.
  • Perhaps you've been in a situation where you noticed that your reflection in a window looked like it was actually standing amongst the items that were visible through that window. Now, scientists have taken that phenomenon and incorporated it into an experimental new interactive display.
  • You want to be in a photo taken with your own smartphone, but you have no way of propping the phone up, or seeing the shot. Well, the CaseCam is designed to help. It allows a phone laid down on a flat surface to see what's in front of it, plus the accompanying app lets you see what it's seeing.
  • Two Scottish architectural students recently designed and built an observation point with a reflective facade in rural Scotland.The Lookout offers a quiet place from which to appreciate the natural beauty of the area.
  • If you carry a boat, bicycle or pretty anything else on the roof of your car, you probably spend a lot of time wondering if it's still securely in place up there while you're driving. The problem is, there's no way of seeing it without stopping ... unless you have a RoofScope, that is.
  • The CSIRO has claimed a world record for the highest temperatures ever recorded using solar energy to generate "supercritical" steam at its solar thermal test plant in Newcastle, Australia. This achievement is touted as a breakthrough for solar energy production.
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    Focusing high-powered lasers isn't easy. A powerful laser distorts the mirror, throwing the beam off and spreading it out uselessly. To combat this, Fraunhofer is developing a lens that can compensate for heating and other distortion factors to keep lasers focused on target.
  • For those who must tear themselves away from gazing into the mirror in order to take a selfie, iStrategyLabs has come up with a solution. SELFIE is a mirror that takes a snap of the user and shares it to Twitter. It is at once a nifty implementation of technology and a humorous comment on society.