Pebble Steel

  • As the Apple Watch goes up for pre-order (and in-store showings) around the world, perhaps you're wondering if any of the existing smartwatches are worth a look? We've been following this space closely for the last couple of years, and have rounded up the best of the pre-Apple Watch smartwatches.
  • Wearables still aren't quite mainstream products, but smartwatches did grow in popularity – not to mention quality – this year. Are you trying to pick one for the holidays? Join Gizmag, as we compare six of the best smartwatches you can buy today.
  • If smartwatches, and wearables in general, ever go mainstream, will they look more like designer watches or tiny smartphones? Let's take a quick look at the best examples of those two extremes – the fashionable Pebble Steel and futuristic Samsung Gear S – to compare the two approaches.
  • Android Wear is on its way, with watches running Google's new wearable OS landing in a couple of weeks. But how does Wear compare to a watch that keeps a simpler focus, but looks better while doing it? Let's compare the Android Wear-running Samsung Gear Live to the Pebble Steel.
  • When companies release new devices, they usually bring some significant upgrades to the table. Bigger screen here, faster processor there, you know the drill. Pebble's latest watch, though, is all new on the outside, but exactly the same on the inside. Join Gizmag, as we review Pebble Steel.
  • We're only a few months into 2014, but we've already seen quite a few new smartwatch releases. Two of the highest-profile are the Samsung Gear 2 and Pebble Steel. How do you decide between these two very different watches? Read on, as Gizmag compares their specs and features.
  • Last week we saw one of the most intriguing smartwatches to date. The Pebble Steel takes the guts of the original Pebble and puts them in a snazzy-looking watch that could be right at home sitting next to a Rolex. Read on, as we compare its features and specs to the Samsung Galaxy Gear.
  • Earlier this week, Pebble kicked off CES 2014 by announcing a high-end version of its popular smartwatch called Pebble Steel. We had the pleasure of sitting down with Pebble today. Read on for our early impressions.