Peking University

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    ​Ptahmes was the mayor of Egypt's capital city of Memphis during the 13th century BC, and when his body was entombed, a mysterious substance was put in with it. According to a new study, that substance has turned out to be what is the oldest solid cheese ever discovered.
  • Science
    While robots have been able to play rock-paper-scissors for some time, researchers have now taught the fairly complex skill set associated with the game to chimps, demonstrating the primates' uncanny ability to understand circular patterns.
  • An exotic particle dubbed the "Weyl fermion", has been discovered 85 years after its existence was first mooted. Able to create completely massless electrons, the use of this particle may result in super-fast electronics and significant inroads into new areas of quantum computing.
  • The latest surgery brought to you by the seemingly endless possibilities of 3D-printing comes at the hands of doctors at China's Peking University Third Hospital, who produced a custom implant to replace a cancerous vertebra in the neck of a 12-year-old boy.
  • A research team led by Chao Zhang of Peking University in Beijing, China has come up with a color-coded smart tag that uses nanotechnology to tell when the food or drugs in a package are in danger of spoiling.