• In some ways Samsung's G​ear S2 soars to the highest of smartwatch heights, but it also sinks to some frustrating lows that prevent it from being our top recommendation. Let's see how it compares to one of our top choices, the Huawei Watch.
  • After Samsung blasted out five smartwatches in the span of a year, the company took more time with its latest watch, the Gear S2. Out of the box, it's already clear that the extra TLC paid off: this is easily Samsung's best watch to date.
  • Samsung is expanding the already acronym-heavy TV arena at CES 2015 with its new SUHD TVs, which pack a proprietary, eco-friendly nano-crystal technology that improves the color gamut, contrast and brightness to provide image quality comparable to the much more expensive OLED sets.
  • The South Korean firm, best known for its popular line of Galaxy smartphones, has unveiled its first device to run the open source Tizen OS. The handset, known as the Samsung Z (no Android, no Galaxy), looks solid on the spec sheet and will launch first in Russia.
  • Samsung's new fitness tracker, the Gear Fit, is easily the most eye-catching wearable the company has released. But it isn't the only one. Samsung also just launched a new pair of updates to the Galaxy Gear, dubbed the Gear 2 and Gear 2 Neo. Join Gizmag, as we review the Gear 2 smartwatch.