Samsung is expanding the already acronym-heavy TV arena at CES 2015 with its new SUHD TVs. The new line of LCD TVs pack a proprietary, eco-friendly nano-crystal technology that Samsung claims improves the color gamut, contrast and brightness of the LCD panel to provide image quality comparable to the much more expensive OLED sets.

Samsung's SUHD TV range comprises three different models, the JS9500, JS900 and the JS8500, which will be available in nine sizes, ranging from 48 up to 88-inch. They follow the curved design of Samsung's recent displays, a feature it introduced alongside fellow Korean firm LG at CES back in 2013.

Although it sounds very like quantum dot technology, which features in new UHD TVs at CES from LG, Samsung shies away from that term, saying the nano-crystal semiconductor technology at the heart of the new sets enables transmission of colors said to be of better purity and accuracy than conventional LCD TVs – just as quantum dot technology does.

Either way, Samsung claims the technology means eyeballs will be blessed with 64 times the color expression of conventional TVs, while the TVs are also claimed to reduce power consumption by automatically analyzing the brightness of images, offer two and a half times the brightness of conventional TVs, deeper blacks and two times the color adjustment points.

Speaking to Gizmag's Mobile Editor, Will Shanklin, a Samsung rep said that the "S" in SUHD doesn't actually stand for anything specific, but a promo video running offered suggestions including "spectacular," "stunning," " semiconductor," and "Samsung." Will also reported the SUHD TV's picture quality looked "awesome" in person ... perhaps "A" could have served just as easily as an "S" in the non-acronym acronym.

In looking to set in a new standard of ultra high-definition viewing, Samsung has been working with 20th Century Fox to develop content that will put its new technology to use. It has collaborated with the studio to re-master scenes from the film Exodus specifically to showcase its new display technology.

Also announced this week, Samsung will be shifting Smart TV functionality across to the company's own Tizen open-source software. Among other features, this will enable users to stream content from providers like Amazon and Comcast, pull live stats up on screen when watching sports and send video from their phone to their TV over Bluetooth with the push of a button.

No word on pricing or availability for the new SUHD TVs as yet.

Source: Samsung

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