• A new study shows that the antibacterial chemical triclosan – and several other chemicals – can build up in the bristles and soft parts of toothbrushes, and that certain toothbrushes were found to grab more of the controversial compound than others.
  • Few people would look at toothpaste tubes as being in need of improvement, until, perhaps, they realize how long they take to decompose and how many get thrown away. Poppits toothpaste, however, doesn't come in a tube, but in waste-free pods that dissolve in the mouth.
  • ​A new toothpaste technology, known as BioMin, is designed to replace minerals lost from tooth enamel. Available to dentists as a toothpaste called BioMinF, and set to be marketed to consumers in the near future, the product is long acting, and also tackles sensitivity.​
  • The German Vegetarian Society and Sante have developed a B12-enriched toothpaste that provides the recommended daily dose of the important vitamin.