Perhaps you own multiple devices that can be remotely controlled via your smartphone, each device requiring you to use a different app. Well, tapdo is designed to simplify things. It's a fingerprint-reading gadget that simultaneously controls numerous devices, by assigning different parts of your fingers to different actions.

The tapdo communicates by Bluetooth LE with a dedicated Android/iOS app, and that app in turn runs various other device-controlling apps already on the phone. It can also control functions of the phone itself.

When it's first being set up, the tapdo app is used to assign specific actions to specific fingerprint areas on the underside of the user's dominant hand. This means that the user could tap the pad of their index finger on the tapdo's scanner in order to play/pause tracks on a music player, for example, while tapping the middle section of that finger could increase the volume, and tapping the bottom section could advance to the next track.

Additionally, in order to keep things organized, different fingers could be assigned to different devices. While the index finger could be used to control a music player, the middle finger could control various functions of an LED lamp, while the third finger could be used to take phone calls.

Plans call for a Kickstarter campaign to begin next February, to help finance production of the tapdo. A company rep tells us that the eventual retail price should be around US$100, which will include a removable wrist strap and a clip.

The technology is demonstrated in the following video.

Source: tapdo

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