By far the quickest way to uniformly raise the pitch of all strings on a guitar is to plonk a capo on the neck. Even then, some songs call for a bit of tricky tuning to get things just right, which means diving into the gig bag only to find that you've left your faithful tuner at home. Editors Keys has combined capo and tuner for the Tapo, which can be clamped across the strings to check the tuning in the newly-chosen key, or positioned at the head for open reference tuning.

The tuner part of the Studio Series Tapo features a 36 mm long, 21 mm high (1.4 x 0.8 in) LCD display with LED backlights that show red when your string needs some attention, and a cheerful green when you're at pitch. The tuning range runs from A0 (27.5 Hz) to C8 (4,186 Hz) with an accuracy of ±0.5 percent, and the unit sports A4 calibration control between 430 Hz and 450 Hz.

"The A4 Calibration means that you can accurately adjust the tuning function if you are retuning for sharp or flat notes," explains the company's Giles Bursnell. "The 'concert pitch' frequency for the A string is exactly 440 Hz. With A4 Calibration, you are able to minus or add hertz accordingly, should you require slightly different tuning."

The chromatic mode is not the only tuning function available on the Tapo, as Bursnell told us that a Guitar Mode has been included as a reference for the standard tuning of a bass or guitar when attached to the head of the instrument. Once the device's standard curved-shaped capo bar (which has been designed to accommodate flat or rounded fingerboards) is spring-clamped on the strings, the chromatic mode can then be used for fine tuning.

Tapo is powered by an included CR2032 (3 V) battery that's reported to be good for months of regular tune-ups, and which can be replaced by the user when drained. It tips the scales at an all-in 96 g (3.4 oz), and is available now for €39.99 (about US$53). Worldwide shipping is available and, at the time of writing, Editors Keys is running an introductory offer that knocks €20 off the ticket price.

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