TASCAM GT-R1 portable guitar recorder

TASCAM GT-R1 portable guitar recorder
TASCAM GT-R1 portable guitar recorder
TASCAM GT-R1 portable guitar recorder
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TASCAM GT-R1 portable guitar recorder
TASCAM GT-R1 portable guitar recorder
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August 7, 2008 So you've nailed that killer riff but the studio is miles away. The latest solution aimed at songwriters in this predicament is TASCAM's GT-R1. The follow-up to the company's DR-1 model, this portable recorder for guitar and bass players features direct plug-in recording along with built-in condenser microphones for capturing rehearsals and live shows and amp simulation and effects.

There's also the GT-R1 adds features from their groundbreaking guitar trainers for the ultimate songwriters sketchpad. A pair of built-in condenser microphones captures rehearsals and live shows, or musicians can plug directly into the instrument input to record with amp simulation and effects.

The GT-R1 also includes a rhythm player, an overdub mode for building up tunes, the ability to loop and change the speed of playback without altering pitch, and it can be used as an instrument trainer, tuner or metronome. It records in MP3 or WAV format, 16-bit or 24-bit and a 1GB SD card is included along with USB connectivity for file transfer to computer and re-charging the unit. Quite the versatile little gadget!

The device is due for release in Japan at the end of the month with pricing expected to be around the USD$310 mark.

TASCAM GT-R1 specs:

  • Portable stereo recording with built-in condenser microphones
  • MP3 or WAV file recording, up to 48kHz/24-bit
  • 1/4" Instrument input for Guitar or Bass
  • Amp simulation and multi-effects
  • Over 80 rhythm tracks in a variety of styles
  • Overdub function allows users to record over an existing track
  • Powered microphone input
  • Low cut filter and analog limiter on input
  • Loop and change the speed of music playback without changing the pitch to learn and transcribe new music
  • Guitar and Bass canceller allows musicians to play along
  • Includes 1GB SD Card and rechargeable battery
  • USB 2.0 Connection to computer for file transfer and charging
  • Optional AK-DR1 includes a tabletop stand, microphone clip and windscreen

Via TASCAM, Akihabaranews.

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