Continuing our reports from Tokyo Make Meeting 2010, here's a fascinating group of bicycle hobbyists who brought some very creative bike designs to the show. The Tasuke I group were set up in the far corner of the exhibition hall, where they happily brought interested onlookers out the back exit for demonstrations.

The recumbent tricycle featured what was described as a luggage area on the back, useful for anyone who hoping to carry a larger-than-average load by bike. It is also equipped with a smaller basket underneath the seat for smaller items.

With pedals leading out above the front wheel and steering bars protruding upwards around the seat area, this tricycle seems perfect for a lazy Sunday morning grocery trip.

If this big yellow laid-back tricycle was a comfortable ride, the other bike that the group was showing off was anything but. This bicycle challenges the rider to lie down on top with his head leading out front, Superman style. Many thanks to Kanda-san (tech journalist of KNN fame) for kindly allowing me to film while he gave these bikes a shot. Check out the video footage of both bikes in action below.

The Tasuke I group is based in Chiba, and their group includes professors, engineers, IT professionals, and a wide range of other vocations. Members not only exchange information and design ideas with each other, but they also share tools as well for the benefit of the whole group.

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