There was a time, back in the days of film cameras, when the only ways of getting underwater photos were to buy an expensive waterproof SLR, an expensive waterproof housing for a regular SLR, or a cheap disposable waterproof camera that took horrible shots. Now, all you have to do is buy a housing like the TAT7 iPhone Scuba Case, and start snapping high-res pics – assuming you’ve got the phone to go with it.

The TAT7 is made from clear polycarbonate, and has a hinged opening on the bottom. Double gaskets on that opening help keep the water out once the phone has been slid in, down to a maximum depth of 30 meters (100 ft). Three buttons on the back allow users to access basic touchscreen photo and video controls – if you’re looking for a housing that will let you Tweet from the briny depths, look elsewhere.

It’s available now, for US$84.95.

Undersea iPhone photographers looking for something a little more substantial might want to check out the dual-handled FourPro.

Source: TAT7 via Fancy

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