The folks over at Tech Ingredients had a lot of spare parts left begging for a new project after taking apart a hybrid jet engine build. So they decided to make an e-bike where the job of a mid-drive or hub motor is given to a pair of battery-powered ducted fans.

This rather special DIY e-bike has been named the Jet Bike. There's no pedal sensor registering when ride assist mode kicks in, everything is activated by the rider using a mid handlebar control box. Powering on and dialing up the pulse width modulation controller fires up the two JP Hobby 90EDF ducted fans to the rear, and you're off.

The fans are installed side by side in a double horseshoe aluminum frame mounted on a bike rack. Out of the top of each fan are 10 gauge cables running from speed controllers which are fed power from batteries inside soft carry bags hanging from the bike rack. Each bag holds two 6-cell battery packs configured in series. More cables run from the controllers to the front of the host bike to the control box on the handlebars.

The project team makes no mention of top speed or range per charge, but the design meant that the setup could be added to any two-wheeler without making modifications to the frame. And those red and gold fans out back certainly added bucketloads of eye-popping cool and ear-splitting whine to the build. As you can see in the project video below.