For a coffee table with attitude, look no further than Adriano Designs' Intervallo by Teckell. If you like the idea of having your coffee table do double-duty as a foosball machine, the intervallo is for you. Italian company Teckell makes a range of designer foosball machines that are exquisite office and den amusements but not for the feint of wallet. Design, exclusivity and craftsmanship set this these machines apart.

The company's newest model, the Intervallo, is perfect for any home’s formal living spaces or as an office "statement", but takes an interesting and delightful twist on the thinking of traditional standard home furnishings.

Two table finishes are available - Walnut/ash wood or "Crystall Glass with chrome metal components.

All of tables in the Teckell range are designed and made in Italy, and the pick of the bunch the limited edition, crystal and aluminium Cristallino Gold LE - the splash of gold here and there is indeed 24-­carat gold plated and only 50 will be made.

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