Vertical cookers offer pitmasters plenty of options when donning the apron, enabling them to smoke, steam or grill their goods all from the one device. The Aquaforno II takes a similar shape to these versatile cookers, but promises a few extra options along with a telescopic assembly system for easy packing up and down.

Billed as a kitchen in a backpack, when collapsed the Aquaforno II is a neat little disc-shaped 30 x 45-cm (12 x 18-in) package that can be lugged around inside the included double bag carry case that allows the load to be spread across two bags. When taken out and popped open at the campsite, backyard or wherever else you might be getting your grill on, it stands 99 cm tall (39 in) with a total weight of 20 kg (44 lb).

Thanks to the telescopic assembly system, setup is said to take under three minutes. When unfurled, the Aquaforno II consists of a bottom section where you build your fire and can grill at close range, a middle section for grilling a little further away, and then an oven top to grill further away yet again and to seal all the heat in.

With the ability to cook at different heights over the fire and remove each section if needed, the Aquaforno II can serve as a regular old grill, smoker, water boiler or fire pit. With the addition of the separately sold pizza stone and rotisserie kit, it can work as a pizza oven or rotisserie.

There is also an additional gas burner attachment that can be purchased if the owners don't want to rely only on charcoal and wood, and side arms that can be swung outwards for drying clothes and inwards for smoking fish inside the chamber. There is also an internal water boiler included, allowing heated water to be tapped for coffee, tea or maybe a hot water bottle on a frosty night.

The Aquaforno II follows the original Aquaforno from last year, and this time around the UK-based company, also called Aquaforno, has added a double-insulated lid for better temperature stability, adjustable vents for more temperature control, and a new thermometer to keep tabs on it all.

Aquaforno is currently running an Indiegogo campaign to fund the production of its versatile cooker. Early pledges of US$239 are available, with shipping slated for July if all goes to plan.

You can check out the pitch video below.

Source: Aquaforno

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