Downsizing to a typical tiny house is a big enough challenge for many people, but to live full-time within the Terraform Three's diminutive dimensions – just 54 sq ft (5 sq m) of floorspace – requires some serious dedication. Still, while it's not for everyone, the owner seems perfectly happy with his pint-sized dwelling.

Designed by Terraform Tiny Houses owner Richard Ward, the Terraform Three measures just 6 x 10 ft (1.8 x 3 m) and reaches a maximum height of around 9 ft (2.7 m), so he has enough headroom to stand up inside.

Ward actually used to live in a larger 250 sq ft (23 sq m) tiny house, but after doing some traveling in a Honda Element he decided it was too big for his needs and downsized, making regular travel easier. The micro-house is based on an old boat trailer and has a steel frame. Ward makes use of recycled materials, such as the skylight, which was originally a school bus emergency escape window and offers access to a small seating area on the roof.

Inside Ward managed to fit a full-sized bed, a desk area with storage underneath, and a bathroom area with gravity-fed sink and homemade composting toilet. Another storage area is to one side.

The kitchen and shower are accessed from the outside by lifting a hatch, like many teardrop camping trailers. The kitchen, such as it is, includes a basic two-burner camping stove, storage space, an electric cooler and a sink, as well as an electric shower.

The need to bathe and prepare food outside doesn't seem to be a big deal for Ward. It probably helps that he travels in relatively warm areas of the USA and seems to enjoy a semi-outdoors nomadic lifestyle.

The Terraform Three has a standard RV-style hookup for power, plus a small roof-based solar panel array. It was completed in late 2017.

Check out the video from GoDownsize below for more information on the Terraform Three and Ward's reasons for embracing the small living movement.

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