Built by folks who know a thing or two about venturing out to Earth's rockiest, dustiest reaches, the Terra Trek TTE camping trailer tows as a versatile mobile basecamp. During the ride, it tucks down for a lower, more compact ride. At camp, the roof-top tent pops open to create sleeping space, accompanying an outdoor kitchen, solar-backed power system, available auxiliary tent room and plenty of storage space.

The South Australia-based Terra Trek team brings years of experience traveling remote parts of the island continent for purposes of geological mapping and outback touring, including customizing trailers for their own usage. They founded Terra Trek in 2016 to bring smart, sturdy trailers to the greater marketplace, trailers capable enough for the roughest expeditions and comfortable enough for all types of camping trips.

The TTE is Terra Trek's first product and at first looks more like a burly cargo trailer or full-fledged pop-up. However, it's actually a very simple camping trailer design, with Terra Trek's own top-mounted hardshell roof-top tent quickly rising to open up the sleeping quarters. The available auxiliary tent room adds extra sleeping space to support full families or groups.

Down below, the TTE rides on a rock-solid, mil-grade hot-dipped galvanized chassis and eats up all types of terrain inconsistencies with a patent-pending long-travel independent suspension with Old Man Emu springs and shocks. Terra Trek's suspension system shares components with the Toyota Land Cruiser, making it easier to repair around Australia and beyond.

The TTE's sealed aluminum body is largely dedicated to storage, housing various compartments and a slide-out kitchen with pumped-water sink and dual-burner stove. The nose box holds the hot water shower system and 105-L fridge just around the corner from the primary kitchen area.

The fridge location may seem a touch inconvenient when cooking, but it provides easier access to food and drink on the ride – you can pull over, pop the nose box and grab a cold drink or sandwich, rather than having to fiddle with a fridge slide. A swing-around awning puts shade over top both the side kitchen and nose box.

The TTE also includes a pair of 110-Ah AGM batteries and a Redarc battery management system. The solar panel can be used to keep those batteries topped up during extended stays away from the grid.

Other standard and available TTE equipment includes 90- and 70-L under-mounted stainless steel tanks, 285/75 R16 mud-terrain tires, four 20-L jerry cans, a chassis-mounted spare wheel, Hi-Lift jack points and a large internal storage area with tie-down.

The TTE starts at AU$48,990 (approx. US$35,325). Terra Trek is also in the process of testing and developing the entry-level TTA, with plans to price it at AU$29,990 (US$21,625). The TTA will ride on the same chassis and suspension but will be an empty shell that buyers can build up with optional equipment. Terra Trek also plans to slide a mid-level AU$43,990 (US$31,700) model with tent, slide-out kitchen, 40-L fridge and single AGM battery system between the TTA and TTE.

Source: Terra Trek

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