Since its launch in 2012, Tesla's Supercharger network has grown to include more than 5,400 charging outlets across the globe. Not a bad effort in a five-year time frame, but the company is eyeing some rapid growth, today confirming plans to double that number in the space of a year.

Superchargers are charging outlets for owners of Tesla vehicles and are billed as a way to get them back on the road sooner than other EV chargers might allow. They provide up to 170 mi (273 km) of range on as little as 30 minutes of charging and are a key ingredient in the company's push to make electric cars more convenient, and therefore more appealing.

It still emphasizes that the best way to keep a Tesla running is to plug it in at home overnight. This point was driven home earlier in the year when it introduced a fee for Supercharger use. This move was designed to shape owner behavior rather than improve Tesla's bottom-line, and position Superchargers as back-up options rather than a primary means of charging.

Nonetheless, it wants charging to continue to become reliable, and abundant, and has announced today that it will double the current Supercharger network to span more than 10,000 outlets by the end of the year. That includes a 150 percent increase in North America, with California to receive more than 1,000 new Superchargers. It says it will also expand existing sites to accommodate more cars at once, and larger sites will be built along the busiest travel routes.

Tesla will also expand its network of 9,000 so-called Destination Charging connectors. These are wall connectors installed at partnering restaurants, hotels and resorts that allow owners to charge up during their visit. According to the company, the tally of Destination Charging connectors around the world will top 15,000 by the end of the year.

Source: Tesla

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