Elon Musk isn't averse to thinking outside the square when it comes to branded merchandise, with his Boring Company previously offering flamethrowers and caps, and the Tesla Shop also offering a few oddball items entirely unrelated to the business of electric vehicles. The latest? A limited edition surfboard crafted, in part, with the same materials used in its cars.

The Limited Edition Tesla Surfboard was cooked up together with renowned surfboard shaper Matt "Mayhem" Biolos. The board measures 6 ft 8 inches (203 cm) long and is made from a mix of epoxy resin and carbon fiber composite material inspired by Tesla's interiorsdubbed Black Dart.

With a matte and gloss finish also taken from Tesla's vehicles, the top and bottom surfaces feature the company's logos, while the underside is covered in two layers of cloth for added strength and protection against dents.

It might seem pretty left-field, but Tesla actually joins a number of automakers to dabble in the realm of surfboard-shaping, with the likes of Mini, Peugeot, Mercedes-Benz and Jaguar Land Rover all floating concepts in the past.

It does appear Tesla is actually prepared to produce its surfboard, however, with its limited run of 200 selling out within a day of appearing on its store. Those fast-moving Tesla fans to outlay US$1,500 should receive their new rides in anywhere from two to 10 weeks.

Source: Tesla

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