The ATP Petito - the shoeBox of the 21st Century

The ATP Petito - the shoeBox of the 21st Century
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August 31, 2006 ATP Electronics Petito is both a fashion statement and a USB drive - designed to be worn on the body or a keyring, its locket-like looks suggest it should store valuable personal information. Slightly more than twice the size of a standard USB plug, the pint-sized drive yesterday took out Storage Products Guide’s Global Excellence in USB Storage Customer Trust 2006 Award. Our favouriute quote on the minuscule Petito comes from PC World Editor Edward N. Albro who wrote, “the Petito brings us closer to the day that someone will lose data due to accidentally inhaling the device it's stored on.”

Petito is a highly durable, high speed USB flash drive with a speed rating of 30MB/sec. It is built using a similar technology as the award-winning USB ToughDrive, making it able to withstand water, extreme temperature, dust, shock and ESD (ElectroStatic Discharge).

“We have not only manufactured a product to store digital files and data, but also a product that I like to call 'The ShoeBox of the 21st Century,' simply because it is all about safely keeping your precious memories -- in an electronic form,” said Michael Plaksin, ATP VP of Flash Media Sales.

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