A plan to build a high-speed underground transport loop beneath a renovated Las Vegas Convention Center is moving full steam ahead. The local tourism authority has signed off on a contract worth almost US$50 million, that will see The Boring Company design and construct a set of tunnels through which guests will travel aboard self-driving electric vehicles.

The Las Vegas Convention Center is undergoing some pretty significant renovations, and as a result its tourism authority turned to The Boring Company to come up with a transport solution for visitors to its new 200-acre (81-ha) facility. It first recommended the company's services in March, and that recommendation was then approved by the board of directors a week later.

Now the two parties have signed a contract worth $48,675,000 that gives some idea of what the tunnel system will look like. It calls for three underground passenger stations, one pedestrian tunnel and two tunnels for vehicles, with a total length of around one mile (1.6 km).

The other features the board describe as "essential" are an elevator or escalator for station access, tunnel lighting, power and video surveillance, a control room, cell phone coverage, Wi-Fi coverage, an intercom, plus ventilation and safety systems. It will be designed to transport at least 4,400 passengers per hour. And according to CEO Elon Musk, construction could be underway sooner rather than later.

"Boring Company starts digging Vegas tunnel in two months," he tweeted. "Aiming to finish by end of year."

Source: LVCVA

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