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The ButterFly2 MP3 Player - integrated MP3 player and headphones

The ButterFly2 MP3 Player - integrated MP3 player and headphones
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February 18, 2005 We really like this idea. Japanese company Thanko has integrated the MP3 player with a set of lightweight headphones to produce the ButterFly2 MP3 player. Ideal for gym, rowing, cycling and other activities where you just don't want wires getting in the way or the fear that your expensive Bluetooth headset might get smashed, damaged, lost of go for an inadvertent swim.

Just released onto the Japanese market, the ButterFly2 comes in 128MB, 256MB, and 512MB capacities JPY6980, JPY 9980 and JPY 12,980 respectively.

Everything is incorporated into the earphones with the controls all easily reachable on the right earpiece.

The ButterFly2 MP3 Player will connect via USB 1.1, and be recognised by your personal computer as USB Mass Storage.

They take approximately three hours to charge, and for that you get 10 hours of playback time.

This is a killer app! Thankyou Thanko!

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