November 12, 2008 The ClarityLife C900 is a very simple mobile phone with large controls, so it’s not the sort of technology we normally eulogise about in Gizmag. It’s key difference is that it has been reengineered to cater to the specific needs of the most technologically disenfranchised segment of our society – the elderly. The C900 is can be amplified an extra 20-decibels and it has oversized text for a group where hearing problems and failing eyesight are the norm. Most significantly, the US$270 cell phone incorporates an emergency response button capping off a very relevant feature set to an aging population that just goes on and on - hearing aid compatible, an extra strong vibrating ringer and a flashing orange LED to signal incoming calls for the hearing impaired and a flashlight.

“Clarity specializes in telephony for people with hearing loss, so it seemed natural to integrate our expertise into the C900,” said Clarity president Carsten Trads. “Hearing loss is one of the most common health issues among seniors, yet solutions in the mobile phone market for this population segment are virtually nonexistent. As more and more seniors turn to mobile phones, there is a need for a phone like the C900 that is not only intuitive, but improves conversations for people with hearing loss.”

The Emergency Help Button is located on the back of the phone, the one-touch, heart-shaped button calls and sends text messages to five pre-programmed numbers, such as those of family, friends, neighbors or emergency personnel. It cycles through the five contacts until someone is reached.

“One of the primary reasons seniors buy cell phones is for safety, but they generally find them difficult to operate – until now,” said Trads. “The C900 balances the scale by offering both safety and simplicity, reassuring seniors and their loved ones that help is as close as the touch of a button. This gives peace of mind not only to seniors but to their family members as well.”

Seniors can simply place or receive calls with the ClarityLife C900 by using four oversized buttons on the front of the phone which allow them to easily navigate their top contacts. They also can use a full slide-out keypad with large numbers. Furthermore, the C900’s screen is twice the size of a normal phone with magnified text and bright back-lighting.

Power™ and Digital Clarity Power™, provide customized solutions for customers who otherwise could not communicate easily and effectively with the outside world. As more people begin to address their hearing needs, Clarity will continue to provide effective technologies that are simple and easy to use.