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The Cruzer Titanium 2GB

The Cruzer Titanium 2GB
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May 26, 2005 From the world of beautiful, tactile, exquisite objects that are satisfying simply to hold and look at comes the new Cruzer Titanium from SanDisk. With a street price below US$200, the new 2 GB Cruzer Titanium is manufactured using an advanced titanium alloy from Liquidmetal Technologies that is approximately 2.5 times the strength of titanium, extremely hard, light, and both wear and heat resistant. The USB 2.0 hi-speed Cruzer Titanium flash drive is claimed by the manufacturers to be “virtually indestructible” (yeah, sure) but all reasonable efforts to physically protect the data it contains have been met and it really does look the part cos it is drop-dead gorgeous!

The Cruzer Titanium is preloaded with the full versions of CruzerLock2, a data file encryption program; CruzerSync, which synchronises with Outlook data; and Cruzer PocketCache, which allows for file backups with minimal memory consumption.

“Consumers are demanding higher capacities to store a diverse range of files and materials including high-resolution digital photos, digital music, video clips, presentations and other data that require large capacities,” said Mike Morganstern, Cruzer product marketing manager at SanDisk. “The 2 GB Cruzer Titanium meets these capacity requirements and combines the highest levels of data protection with an award-winning industrial design.”

Cruzer Titanium is “plug and play” with PCs and the Macintosh due to USB Mass Storage Class (MSC) compliance when used with Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows ME, Mac OS 10.1.2+ and Mac OS 9.2.1+. A driver can be downloaded for Windows 98SE support.

The Cruzer can be purchased in 512Mb (US$69.99) and one gigabyte models (US$119.90) while the 2GB Titanium comes at a premium - US$249.99

View gallery - 4 images
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