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The De’Longhi Perfecta Living Room limited edition - Coffee-making moves to the living room

The De’Longhi Perfecta Living Room limited edition - Coffee-making moves to the living room
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August 28, 2008 The coffee lifestyle is one that continues to evolve with the free thinking that comes with the technophiles who are driving the current revolution in technology – our readership and viewing statistics suggest that our readers emulate the caffeine-induced heightened awareness to emulate the ever-increasing clock speeds of our microprocessors. So it seems quite natural (at least to us) that the coffee machine would migrate from the kitchen to the living room - De’Longhi is facilitating the move with titanium, burl wood and leather look Perfecta Living Room limited edition machines that promise harmonious integration of a fully automatic espresso maker into the living environment.

Indeed, we believe this is a significant line extension of the De’Longhi Perfecta range as it elevates the importance that coffee plays in so many modern lifestyles.

Like the already established Perfecta ESAM 5500, ESAM 5450 and ESAM 5400 models, the three new models share the same prominent design element (the concavely curved front panel) finished in designer surfaces so they can match contemporary livingroom décor.

The individually certified machines will each be limited to 1,902 production units per model, paying homage to the year 1902, when De’Longhi was founded. The machines each have De’Longhi’s patented cappuccino system which makes the preparation of frothy milk coffee easy via a direct selection button. Using the modern i-ring and the therein integrated button, three different cup sizes and aroma strengths can be selected. In addition, the grind size, coffee powder and quantity of water are also individually programmable.

There’s also a “My Coffee” button which enables users to enter, save and call up their own individual taste preference whenever they want. The coffee spout easily adjusts to offer space beneath it to accommodate espresso, cappuccino or coffee cups as well as taller latte-macchiato glasses. The practical milk container can be removed and conveniently stored in the fridge door. At the press of a button, the machine automatically rinses the integrated milk frother. Like all limited edition models, only those who move quickly will have a chance to obtain a machine – the limited edition fully automatic espresso makers can now be purchased from electrical retailers across Europe at a price of EUR1,399 (US$2000) per unit. Our bet is that they may well become collector pieces as they represent a significant point in the history of coffee, the world’s most valuable crop and second most traded commodity, behind only oil.

View gallery - 5 images
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